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ottomans ➝ an axis powers: hetalia community for the ottoman empire
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Welcome to Ottomans, your community for all things Ottoman Empire related from Axis Powers Hetalia. Fanficition, icons, fanmixes, discussion, and pic dumps are all welcome. This community, however, isn’t solely dedicated to Turkey but to all the provinces that made up the Ottoman Empire - including Greece, Egypt, Hungary, and Bulgaria at various points in history.

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☪ While anything regarding Turkey or any of the former provinces is more than welcome here we’d like to remind you that the dynamic between them should be the focus of your work or, if your fanwork takes place within the historical time period of the Ottoman Empire, with a heavy focus on at least one of the states. For example: fanfiction detailing with Greece and his thoughts on independence would be allowed, but a story about Greece thinking about his mother in modern times would not.

We would really prefer that your work have more relevance to the Ottoman Empire rather than just the characters within the story but we won't delete posts that don't. However, if we feel that this community is losing its sense of direction we do reserve the right to step in and clarify.

If you have any questions about this feel free to ask either of the mods.

☪ Please use the tags that are available for you to use. If none are applicable mention it in your post and a mod will get on that as soon as they can.

☪ Be polite! Not everyone is going to agree all the time on everything, but that’s no reason we all can’t act civil towards each other. No one wants drama and wank, least of all your mods. However, if it does occur, please contact one of the mods as soon as possible and they’ll step in and take care of it.

☪ Fanart, fanfiction, and anything that could possibly stretch the community’s layout should be placed behind a lj-cut. It keeps everything nice and neat both on the community’s page as well as everyone’s friends page.

☪ Use this handy dandy format when posting fanfiction and fanart:

☪ All entries dealing with explicit sex/explicit violence must be member locked and adequately warned for.

☪ If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the mods. They promise they don’t bite.

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